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This site is mainly for Kurokawa Ayumi's Mangas and doujinshis. Don't steal!
Any character is allowed to draw, but we would like to see it in the gallery of the members!

About the Header: on the left site, you can see 4 hetalia Character,they represent my Hetalia doujinshi. Most of my hetalia comics are about Nordic countries. On the right site you see 4 Character from my Comic. The Main characters, with a Teacher and a New Character.
Sweden-Alvar (both Swedes)
Finland-Mikaela (both Finns)

I hope you will enjoy my little site and my comics.

Kurokawa Ayumi, alias Jako

A little RusFin Collection from youtube:

Pictures (c) Kurokawa Ayumi
The Charaters (c) Himaruya Hidekaz and Kurokawa Ayumi